Battlefield Live™ v Laser Quest & Paintball

Virtual Warfare is the only indoor combat game that offers you access to 2 totally realistic arenas in over 11,000 square feet of space.

Our combat guns allow you to shoot further and with much greater accuracy than any paint "marker" and with no hidden costs.

We charge you one fee for all your games and because there is no paint or special insurance, there are no hidden costs.

We don’t rely on dark rooms and fluorescent lights to make things fun and we take our inspiration from video games such as Medal of Honour or Call of Duty.

Whether you are looking for a challenging team game or just a bit of birthday fun the combination of our arenas and the Battlefield Sports technology make this a totally unique experience.


Contact the Virtual Warfare team today to discuss your event and make a booking.

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Office Opening Times

Virtual Warfare is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open.