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What is Virtual Warfare?

Virtual Warfare is home to a tactical game of team based combat known as Battlefield Liveā„¢.

To put it simply, imagine playing your favourite combat sim but for real! This is laser combat for the 21st century- realistic guns, massive ranges and ultra-realistic arenas to make your pulse race and the blood freeze in your veins.

Features include:

  • 69 weapons accurately simulated.
  • Individual performance data in real-time.
  • Real-time hit feedback.
  • Friendly fire on or off.
  • Individual skill settings.
  • Accurate historical missions & weapons.
  • Arrive and Die gun upgrades.
  • Special weapons for parties.
  • Nuclear Devices and Medics.

Every visit can feature a different weapon with continually updated performance data on screen.


Contact the Virtual Warfare team today to discuss your event and make a booking.

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Office Opening Times

Virtual Warfare is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open.