Corporate events & team building at Virtual Warfare

Bringing your work colleagues to Virtual Warfare is the perfect way to unite the whole office.

Unlike some “extreme” activities, Virtual Warfare has broad appeal. With no pain, mud or inclement weather, Virtual Warfare is fast proving to be a very popular choice for team building and work social evenings.

Group prices range from £15-£30pp depending on group size, length of event and whether you are racing with us at Wessex Raceway on the same day.

And remember, our combat guns allow you to shoot further and with much greater accuracy than any paint "marker" and with no hidden costs.

The beauty of our corporate offering is that it is entirely tailored to the clients needs. Because we can change each game as you play, the event can be as complex or as simple as you wish.

Booking a group event with Virtual Warfare is the a simple and unique way to:

  • Get everyone in the company to come to the event- even the receptionist.
  • Put your team into a safe and enjoyable situation that offers something more than a night at a restaurant.
  • Steal the show by organising the most talked about event of the year

Need some Team Building Ideas?

With Virtual Warfare you can:

  • Reward your team for achieving a mile-stone or having a successful year/quarter/month
  • Boost morale
  • Focus the team on new product launches, marketing campaigns, or change incentives
  • Develop an "esprit de corps" a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group
  • Inspire a "Carpe Diem" / "Seize the Day" attitude
  • Unite disparate teams, promote teamwork between divisions, even entire organizations
  • Challenge your team to work together effectively and creatively

Exciting and innovative team building activities are tailored for our clients to powerfully illustrate the importance of strong teams, and a strong culture.

High impact and challenging, yet safe and inclusive, these signature events can be delivered for your entire company, specific business units or any project team or group within an organisation.

And remember, our combat guns allow you to shoot further and with much greater accuracy than any paint "marker" and with no hidden costs.

The mixture of action and learning can be developed to suit your team and your needs.

Contact us on 01725519010 or send us an enquiry and we will call you back.


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Office Opening Times

Virtual Warfare is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open.