Scorpion- Sub Machine Gun Simulation

New Mini Scorpion Sub-Machine Pistol now at Virtual Warfare for 2019.

A small gun designed for general use and modelled on the “Bolter” from Warhammer 40000.

Although its light weight and short length make it ideal for children indoors, it is accurate to 400ft.

The Scorpion simulates a range of Sub Machine Gun class weapons through the use of Battlefield Sports SATR technology. SATR allows the Scorpion you hold to behave like any of the weapons listed below (as well as many more), with accurate simulation from the sound of the gun firing through to the time taken to reload the gun. In this way it is possible for each visit to Virtual Warfare to feature a gun which is drastically different to your last!

Our range: H&K MP5, H&K MP5 SD, Uzi, P90, Sten Gun, Thompson Sub Machine Gun, Schmeiser Sub Machine Pistol.

Our other armoury:


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