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New guns for 2019!

Nerf Parties are history! Introducing the amazing Hot Shot Party in our stunning combat arenas. Plus new guns for 2019!

Virtual Warfare blazed a trail over the past few years by offering Nerf Gun parties for 5-7 year olds. They were fun, but now the technology has caught up and we can offer the full Virtual Warfare experience for children once too young to have taken part!

We have purchased 10 Battlefield Sports Cobra guns built out of light weight polycarbonate specifically for younger players. They offer the full ultra hi-tech breath-taking excitement of our traditional equipment but with an easy to carry design and simplified aiming system.

How does this compare to Laser Quest derivatives?

Your private Hot Shot party takes place in over 11,000 square feet of purpose built arena. It will use the very latest technology guns - able to shoot for hundreds of feet in daylight and communicate wirelessly using playstation quality sound effects. There is no comparison with other operators in the area.

Take a tour of the Arenas with Google Street View

But crucially, it is the same stunning venue, excellent staff and ultra high quality approach to your booking that made Nerf Parties part of the Virtual Warfare success story over the past 8 years.

Parties for up to 12 players age 5-7 cost £160, include all the equipment, 10 minutes of briefing and 50 minutes of unique, super exciting fun with no other groups around.

Food options (ways to feed the warrior)

We have reserved tables in a large eating area available to you for 40 minutes after the event, when you order our quality 12" pizzas in proper pizza ovens:

Up to 12 children get 4 pizzas for £50 including their own tables in the eating area and drink. If you pay for a pizza package you are still welcome to bring cakes and extra food too.

Alternatively you can BYO for 40 minutes for £25.

Things to know

Our team is vetted by the criminal records bureau and covered for first-aid training. In addition, they run risk assessments at every site and conduct health & safety briefings before every mission.

"The Venue was perfect and the level and tone of supervision was fantastic!"

"It was a huge hit and many said it was the best party they had ever been to."

"It was a really big hit with the boys. It's a brilliant idea and priced just right too!"

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