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New guns for 2019!

Virtual Warfare is great for birthday parties with an action theme, whether it’s 7 year olds running around like lunatics or adults/teens playing seriously.

"The arenas are stunning and the children thought the guns were brilliant- so much better than other laser parties!"

Julia Nadin, Southampton

Take a tour of the Arenas with Google Street View


The birthday boy or girl will no doubt be very excited and will want to be a hero on his/her birthday. Our job as entertainers is to make sure this happens.

Everyone who plays Battlefield Live™ at Virtual Warfare is thrilled by the detailed theming of our arenas and the realism of the game.

Remember, this is a great photo opportunity so bring your camera!

Player's first steps into the Virtual Warfare arenas are a genuine "wow" moment. Combine this with amazing technology, great staff and some fantastic games and you have everything you need for a perfect party.

Shoot Em Up party
(now exclusive to your group)

The perfect introduction to combat. Birthday party action for 7-11 year olds with simple games and a basic gun. 1 hour sessions (including a short briefing) for groups of 10-15 players at £190.

16-20 players cost just £230.

Need to boost your numbers? Why not share the venue with a friend who has a birthday at the same time?

Virtual Warfare is so popular with adults that it’s rare for parents not to want to play too!

Post event food options

We have reserved tables in a large eating area available to you for 40 minutes after the event, when you order our quality 12" pizzas in proper pizza ovens:

If you pay for a pizza package you are still welcome to bring cakes and extra food too.

  • Up to 12 children, 4 pizzas for £50 including reserved tables and drink.
  • Up to 15 children, 5 pizzas for £60 including reserved tables and drink.
  • Up to 20 children, 7 pizzas for £80 including reserved tables and drink.

Alternatively you can BYO for 40 minutes after the event. This costs £25.

Arrive and Die Open sessions

Our open sessions costs £16 and will last for an hour (10 minutes briefing and 50 minutes play).

You are issued with a standard Sub Machine Gun and must battle your way around the arenas with your friends or against them! Gain special weapon upgrades for achievements throughout the session.

Arrive and Die is great for families (age 6 and above) and anyone who fancies a bit of fun.

Information for parents

We operate regular special sessions dedicated to kids and parents running around and having fun together.

Virtual Warfare is a great idea for dads and sons, mums and daughters, or indeed mums and sons, and dads and daughters!

We actively encourage grandparents to play as well.

This truly is fun for the whole family!

Our team is vetted by the criminal records bureau and covered for first-aid training. In addition, they run risk assessments at every site and conduct health & safety briefings before every mission.

Contact us on 01725519010 to find out about our party packs or send us an enquiry and we will call you back.


Contact the Virtual Warfare team today to discuss your event and make a booking.

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Office Opening Times

Virtual Warfare is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open.

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